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Indianapolis Toilet Repair & Replacement Services

Whether you need an upgrade or your existing toilet is in need of repair, the Hamm & Sons plumbing team is at your service. We install and repair toilet models from all brands, so your Indianapolis-area home or office never has to be without properly working facilities.

For toilet-related issues, call Hamm & Sons: 317-202-9853

When you call us for toilet repair or replacement, we’ll quickly identify the problem, explain your options and perform the proper repairs to make sure your toilet is in good working condition before we leave.

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Common Toilet Issues

Problem: Clogging
Possible causes: Too much toilet paper; flushing harmful items (wipes, cotton balls, tampons, etc.); tree roots in the pipes
Solution: You may be able to unclog your toilet with a toilet plunger, provided the clog is minor.

Problem: Leaking
Possible causes: Worn-out parts: flapper valve, fill valve, gaskets, wax ring, etc.
Solution: Call us ASAP to come out and identify the problem before it becomes a major catastrophe.

Problem: Running
Possible causes: Internal leaking; corroded overflow pipe; worn-out flush valve assembly; damaged flapper valve
Solution: If you feel comfortable checking the components inside the tank, you can quickly identify and swap out the faulty parts. If that’s not something you feel comfortable with, or if you’ve checked the parts and see nothing wrong with them, call us to come out and inspect the toilet. Once we’ve identified the problem, we’ll swiftly correct it and be on our way.

For toilet problems large or small, call Hamm & Sons for expert plumbing service

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