I’m going to leave my house empty during the winter. How do I drain the water lines so my pipes don’t freeze?

To empty pipes of water, shut off the main water valve at the meter. Then, beginning at the top floor of your home, open all sink faucets. Go to the basement or lowest level and open the lowest faucet (probably a laundry tub). Go back to the top level, open all tub and shower faucets and flush all toilets. Leave all faucets in the open position.

Run your dishwasher, and run both hot and cold water through your washing machine to flush water from drain lines. Pour about one half cup of non-toxic antifreeze (propylene glycol) into every sink, bathtub or shower trap, and toilet bowl and tank.

Remember to set your furnace no lower than 55 degrees before leaving your home empty during cold weather.

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