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Signs of Sewer Line Damage

A broken sewer line is a major problem that must be attended to as quickly as possible. If not, you’re likely to need extensive repairs that show no mercy on your wallet. Unfortunately, sewer line breaks aren’t always easy to detect, and they can often go unnoticed for a very long time. To help you avoid this trouble, we’ll go over some of the clearest signs that your sewer line needs attention. You’ll have all the info you need to quickly detect whether or not your situation warrants calling the experts for an inspection.

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sewer damage Indianapolis

A Foul, Unexplainable Odor

One of the biggest giveaways of a sewer line break is when the smell of sewage comes up through your pipes, or is present in your yard. If you have been noticing an odor for a while and can’t find any reasonable cause, your sewer line is the next thing that needs to be checked.

Even a small break in the line can lead to toxic sewer gases wafting up into your home. In the worst cases, the cause could actually be a leak of the fluids and waste itself. This can lead to water damage and serious health hazards.

sewer damage Indianapolis

Slow or Clogged Drains

Just one drain having issues can be easily explained away by a clog. But if you have multiple drains in your home backing up, you’re likely looking at a sewer line complication.

Drainage relies on the water having a smooth path through the sewer line. If that line has broken apart, then the water cannot easily drain away. Surrounding soil or other materials are likely soaking up the runoff. Tree roots that have penetrated the piping can also be the culprit in this situation, as they block the way for any draining wastewater.

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Foundation Settlement

When a broken sewer line causes wastewater to flow into the ground, the soil supporting your foundation can get swept away or compressed. This leads to the foundation settling. When your foundation settles, that means that portions of it begin to sink into the ground.

Sagging spots in your floors and cracks in your walls are obvious indications of foundation settlement. If you’ve noticed these signs, especially in conjunction with any of the others on this list, then you have a solid reason to suspect that your sewer line is in trouble.

sewer damage Indianapolis

Unusual Spots in Your Yard

A quick walk through your yard can help you determine whether or not there’s cause for concern. Look for any strange features. Are there any portions that are sunken? What about soggy areas? Do you notice any patches of grass or vegetation that are flourishing?

All of these could be indicators that your sewer line is spilling water underground. This constant water supply will help keep the affected portion of your lawn especially lush, but can worsen to the point where flooding occurs or the soil underneath begins to erode.

Expert Sewer Line Repairs

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