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camera inspections prevent plumbing problems

Have you found a beautiful home for a great deal?

In this market, it’s understandable to want to snatch it fast. But don’t close just yet! If you haven’t already inspected the plumbing on the property, it’s essential to do it before the deal is done. Let’s discuss how a professional plumbing inspection is a great way to protect yourself when hunting for the perfect house.

A General Home Inspection May Not be Enough

Now the first thing you may be thinking is: shouldn’t my pre-purchase home inspection cover plumbing too? Indeed, many homebuyers assume that a standard home inspection is enough to detect any plumbing issues. The unfortunate news is that it usually isn’t.

Home inspections are meant to assess the general state of the house and identify glaring issues. But in their generality, they can fail to go far enough in certain domains. This includes plumbing. Home inspectors often only inspect plumbing that is readily visible, and only a few offer pipe camera inspections as a part of their service.

Furthermore, many of them won’t inspect the plumbing that is located outside of the home, such as plumbing for sprinkler systems. All of this means that your home inspection could miss big problems that would easily be detectable through a specialized plumbing inspection.

plumbing inspection

No Surprise Repairs or Replacements

It’s not uncommon for homes to have plumbing that is seriously in need of some maintenance. In some cases, parts of the plumbing system could need to be repaired or replaced entirely. This could mean that you end up having to pay significant sums after already purchasing your home.

For example, replacing a septic tank could cost anywhere from $1000-$3000, or even as much as $20,000 for more complex systems. Meanwhile, the average cost to repipe a home is $7,500.

If you aren’t aware of your new home’s plumbing problems, it’s impossible to plan for them. You won’t be able to work the repair costs into your budget, creating a big chance of overspending when issues come to a head. Buying a home is already expensive enough – it’s worth making sure you know exactly what you’re getting into.

high water pressure damage plumbing

high water pressure damage plumbing

Reduce Risk of Future Damage

It’s not just the cost to repair plumbing itself that’s a concern. You also need to consider the collateral damage that can result from a future plumbing failure. Sewage backups or pipe bursts can cause a great deal of damage to your home and yard.

Materials can become saturated with (sometimes unsanitary) water, leading to rot, mold, and other hazards. Intruding water can also fry your electric wiring. All of these problems will need specialized service to repair, incurring a big bill and big inconvenience.

If you get a plumbing inspection before you buy, you’ll be able to anticipate plumbing problems and resolve them before they can create bigger issues. Or you’ll decide that it’s better to find a different home.

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Get an Expert Plumbing Inspection for Your New Home

Having an expert come out to inspect your new home’s plumbing is one of the smartest moves you can make when preparing for purchase. Here at Hamm and Sons, we’ve helped countless homebuyers like you identify issues before they commit, allowing them to budget appropriately and make the wisest investment.

If you’d like our help performing a plumbing inspection on an Indianapolis property, contact us today. We’ll get you scheduled ASAP so that you can make your offer and act fast.

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