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How to Shave without Clogging the Drains

Practical tips to avoid clogging your pipes

Clogged drain with hair

Bathroom sinks can be some of the most fickle parts of your home’s plumbing. While kitchen sinks often have wide drains and even garbage disposals to clear debris, the ones in our bathroom usually have very narrow drains that get easily blocked by fallen materials.

This design choice is the norm because the bathroom isn’t thought of as the typical place for flushing solid debris. But the problem is that many overlook that a disproportionate amount of hair gets washed down bathroom sinks.

Much of this can come from loose strands falling when we’re brushing the hair on our head, but those of us that shave over the bathroom sink will be rinsing away hair trimmings on a regular basis. As a result, we can experience clogging quite often.

Unless you’re going for a rugged, natural look, you can’t avoid shaving. So how can you manage to shave without clogging up your sink on a monthly basis?

Stop Rinsing Your Trimmings Down the Drain

Most of us shave by rinsing our razor with running water from the faucet, or water we filled the sink with. This causes all of the hair that is shaven off to be flushed down the drain, usually in a slow process that is prone to creating blockages. You can avoid the problem of clogging altogether by making some simple changes to your shaving habits.

Instead of rinsing your razor in the sink, try rinsing it in a separate bowl filled with water. When it comes time to dump the contents of the bowl, you can get better drainage thanks to the sudden gush followed by running water from the faucet.

Better still would be to wipe the razor off on a paper towel before rinsing it in the bowl. This would keep most of the hair out of the bowl’s water. We recommend lining your sink with paper towels as well so that they can catch the majority of the fallen trimmings. Using a mesh strainer over your sink drain can also work as an alternative for catching hair. By using these tricks, most of the shaven hair will end up in the garbage, with only a few stray strands getting washed through the sink.

shave in drains

Clean the Trap Regularly

If you’re routinely dealing with a backed up bathroom sink due to shaving, the solution may be to perform regular maintenance by cleaning out the trap. That’s the u-shaped bend in the piping under the sink. Hair trimmings are prone to getting stuck here, and if they’re not removed, they can accumulate quite quickly.

The trap can usually be unscrewed and cleaned out rather quickly. Dump out the muck in the trash and give the trap a rinse in the kitchen sink. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of removing the trap itself, you can use drain hair removal tools (“snakes”) that can be inserted in the sink’s opening. Drain snakes have “thorns” that grab the hair for easy removal.

hair in sink

Get Your Clogged Sink Fixed ASAP

If you’ve got a clogged sink that you need fixed right away, Hamm and Sons is here to help. Our expert plumbers are on call to assist you at any time of day. Don’t worry about having a clogged sink through the week – we show up fast, at your convenience. 

In addition to de-clogging, we can also respond to burst pipes, sewer line backups, toilet overflows, and water heater failures. Whatever the problem may be, we can resolve it quickly and affordably.

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