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21 Necessary Plumbing Tools To Have in Your Toolbox

Whether you’re seeking a career as a plumber or are simply a homeowner who’s a fan of DIY repairs, having the right tools will make your job faster, easier and more successful. While there are an endless number of plumbing gadgets available on the market, these 21 tools are the most tried-and-true elemental plumbing tools that you should have in your toolbox.

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plumbing tool -
1. Adjustable pliers
(channellock tongue-and-groove pliers)

The appeal of this tool is the fact that it can replace an entire set of pliers due to its adjustability. The jaws can be adjusted to allow them to grip and clamp nuts, bolts, pipes, fasteners and fittings of all types and sizes without slipping.

plumbing tool - adjustable wrench
2. Adjustable wrench

Similarly to the channellock pliers above, an adjustable wrench can replace a whole set of wrenches as it adjusts to nuts and bolts of many sizes.

plumbing tool - drain auger
3. Automatic cordless drain auger

An essential tool for any homeowner or aspiring plumber, an automatic drain auger allows for easy clog clearing. The flexible shaft can snake around bends and curves, grabbing clogs even if they’re deep inside the pipe.

plumbing tool - telescoping basin wrench
4. Basin wrench

This handy tool has a pivoting head at the end of a long handle designed to reach up into awkward or cramped spaces behind a sink to tighten or loosen mounting nuts or flexible supply tube nuts. A telescoping handle provides longer reach where needed.

plumbing tool - cartridge puller
5. Cartridge puller

Repairing leaky faucets is made much faster and easier with a cartridge puller. This gadget is designed to easily remove old or damaged faucet cartridges in order to replace them. The size and shape of a faucet cartridge can vary depending on the faucet brand, but there are universal cartridge pullers available so that you don’t need to purchase several of these tools.

plumbing tool - hacksaw
6. Hacksaw

A hacksaw is a universally helpful tool that fits in the hand easily and is completely portable. Plumbers use hacksaws to quickly cut plastic and sometimes metal pipes to length.

plumbing tool - hole saw
7. Hole saw

Hole saws, as the name suggests, are for cutting holes. A plumber uses a hole saw attached to a power drill or a right angle drill for cutting holes through metal, PVC or wood to route plumbing components.

plumbing tool - pipe cutter
8. Internal PVC pipe cutter

This tool is ultra-valuable to any plumber. It’s a steel saw-tooth blade on a 3” shaft that works with a power or impact drill to cut pipes in an otherwise inaccessible location. The cutter cuts most types of pipes by cutting from the inside of the pipe. This is useful when cutting drain stubs to the floor, removing broken parts of a pipe in preparation for a replacement section, and more.

plumbing tool - nipple extractor
9. Nipple extractor

A nipple extractor is one of the most useful plumbing tools to have on hand for simple plumbing repairs. This tool, made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, is used to remove old or broken pipe nipples from the pipe fitting without damaging the components.

plumbing tool - offset hex wrench
10. Offset hex wrench

This wrench is very common in the field of plumbing. It’s hex-shaped clamp and offset design allows for a secure grip on hex nuts, square nuts, unions, valve packing nuts and more.

plumbing tool - pipe crimper
11. PEX crimp ring tool

Available in manual or battery-powered design, this tool allows for easy crimping of metal pipes for a tight, secure fit.

plumbing tool -welder
12. Portable self-igniting gas welding torch

This portable torch can be used for soldering, thawing, and more. It’s small enough to be clipped onto a belt for easier carrying and use, and the 3’ hose allows you a more flexible reach.

plumbing tool - power drill
13. Power drill

Obviously, a standard power drill is an essential tool in every toolbox. This tool handles almost every conceivable plumbing project, and it multitasks with dozens of attachments that vary from shower grout scrubbers to hole saws and every kind of drill bit.

plumbing tool - fittings remover
14. Push-to-connect fittings removal tool

The compact design and one-handed operation of this tool is great for fast, easy removal of push-to-connect fittings from copper, CPVC or PEX pipes in hard-to-reach spaces.

plumbing tool - pipe tubing cutter
15. Ratcheting pipe cutter

Typically made with a steel carbon cutting wheel, this cutter can easily cut most common pipe and tubing materials. The ratcheting handle provides accommodation for working in compact spaces and for many sizes of piping.

plumbing tool - reciprocating saw
16. Reciprocating saw

This multi-purpose saw is used to easily cut different materials on all types of projects, from steel to PVC to wood, and can be adapted with different types of blades to serve the purpose you need.

plumbing tool - right angle drill
17. Right angle drill

Often referred to as a 90 degree drill, this tool allows you to drill holes in tight spaces, such as between studs and joists.

plumbing tool -straight wrench
18. Straight pipe wrench set

A straight pipe wrench is suited to any type of pipe work; having a set of different sizes in your toolbox is recommended so you can choose the wrench according to the size and type of pipe you’re working with.

plumbing tool - threaded tape
19. Thread seal tape

Commonly known as plumbers tape, Teflon tape or PTFE tape, this film tape is used to seal pipe threads to provide additional leak prevention.

plumbing tool - toilet bolt wrench
20. Toilet bolt lock wrench

Removing toilets can prove to be difficult when the bolts become corroded or stripped. To make a plumber's job easier, a bolt and lock wrench holds the bolt in place, preventing it from spinning while you remove the nut.

plumbing tool - endoscope
21. Wireless Endoscope inspection snake camera

A wireless endoscope is a useful tool used to perform inspections deep inside pipes, helping to detect clogs, roots or cracks in pipes. The camera is equipped with LED lights and is observed via an application on Windows, iOS and Android.

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